Strava's Top tips

Our friends at Strava have given us their top tips to help you succeed in your cycling challenge.


There is nothing worse than getting down the road and realising that some part of your bike is loose, or making a strange noise! Give your bike the once over, take it to a qualified mechanic if needed, check the tyres are in good condition and inflated to the required pressure. And don’t forget to charge your lights!

Plan your route

There are many ways to build a route to avoid busy roads and junctions, or even hills! You can use Strava to build a route of your own, or get inspired by a friend’s activity and send their route to your phone or GPS device.

Find a friend!

If you’re not sure where to start other cyclists are there to help! From finding the most bike friendly routes to helping you get your saddle the correct height most new cyclists pick up invaluable tips from current cyclists. If you join Strava you might just find some old friends who are cycling!

Drink, and possibly, eat!

Stay hydrated, even if it’s a cold day. Most bike frames can hold one or two ‘bottle cages’ and unless you are planning on winning the Tour de France, having the weight of plenty of water won’t slow you down too much! Plan to eat something before you get too hungry, little and often is a good plan. Coffee shops and cycling go together beautifully!

Carry the right things with you

We’re not all experts at changing at tyres, but you should think about taking some basic tools with you. Having a pump, tyre levers and spare inner tube or repair kit in your back pocket is always a good idea. Most cyclists will stop and help you if you are struggling so if you’ve got the tools you’ll be on your way again in no time!

SAFETY FIRST! Don’t forget to wear appropriate safety equipment and take safety precautions during your cycling challenge.
For more information, go online for more help and guidance.